Monday, December 20, 2010

Demon Girl

As she Spread her wings at the break dawn.
She can show you things that her mind has drawn.
And Her lips are stained on the Window pane.
Hear her Voice it sounds like a falling rain

And she sings to you, can hear her sing?
her song of pain sounds just like the rain.
the black mist swirls about her feet.
the Black blood running to her it taste so sweet

As the Black Cloud Burns will it sear you then?
as her fingers curl underneath your Skin.
Her eyes they watch as you commit your sin.
Her stare it can burn you, burn you deep within.

And Her song is sad. will it drive you mad?
As it has the many souls who have dared to look within
and her heart as black as coal is melting melting in the cold

Her mind it is twisted to a terrible thing.
You can See the horrors in the song she sings.
the Visions of a world gone mad.
and the image of one so sad.

The song sings on through out the years.
Reminds us of our faults and fears.
The eyes so cold could burn your soul
and her heart is breaking still.

And the tears down about her golden crown
oh tears keep falling down and down

and down

and down

Come with me my golden love.
To the place so far above
the world and all its hate.
Catch me as I fall from the darkness
And so like the shadows on the wall
Cast by the Pale Candles light
We shall dance for all time.
(fading echo)

And she sings to you, can hear her sing?
her song of pain sounds just like the rain.
the black mist swirls about her feet.
the Black blood running to her it taste so sweet

Sunday, August 30, 2009

~Dying Child~

I walk a crimson path alone and my time of death is nearing.
I feel so lonely in the world and I am scared of what I'm hearing.
There is a cry, a call, a feeling, a giant that is kneeling.
A boy is standing, is standing on his own;
walking away from all that he has known.

I was so afraid to try, so afraid I could not fly.
Though now I see it, I see it when I stand:
This little troubled boy, he has grown to be a man.
He sees the world before him as a field yet to be sown,
and yet he fears to stretch his wings, afraid to be alone.

I feel that I am wondering alone, and I do not remember why I’m crying.
No, I cannot make it without you by my side, because I’m dying.
The child that is here in my soul is yearning,
can I ever go back to what I was before?

It is the child within me that is dying on the floor,
I feel he is taking his last breath,
and he does not want to be alone facing death.
Would you hold him, would wipe away his tears, would you love him?
Do not let the child die.

All contributed content © Jonathon Rose. Copyright non-transferable.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Inside the prison of my mind, I feel an aching, as crying deep within my heart is breaking.
When I long to see the face that I remember; the clouds have hidden all your features.
I cannot stop the tears they keep on falling, and all the wasted years in me are crawling.
Close your eyes and dream of me, try to stop the night so I can see,
all the love we shared came crashing inward crushing all my dreams to dust and splinters.

I reach for you only to grab air, feeling at every turn that I will see you there.
This crushing weight upon my soul, my heart is aching more than you will ever know.
A pile of ash where my heart used to hide; and from this death new life begins to grow.
From the darkness, a plant begins to show.

Where I thought that new life was shining through, there was only a rose with bloody thorns
fed by all these thoughts of you…
Watered by my tears and fed with all my fears, it grows inside these prison walls of mine,
and every attempt to break free results in loss. My life has become pit of regret and dross.
I built these walls to keep myself from harm, and now I'm only trapped by my own arm.
The floors are made of memories too sad for me to dig through.
The walls I created from the anger burning throughout my mind,
and a cloud of poison tears keeps me blind when the light still shines.
Maybe someday I can return to love again, but then that would be the greatest sin.

All contributed content © Jonathon Rose. Copyright non-transferable.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Mountain

Can you see her? Rising there above all she beholds, while gentle clouds around her face enfold.
Her feet of stone bear deep within Earth. To mighty rivers and forests, she doth give birth.
Her shoulders bore the white of snow, and she would not love for she was cold.
Yet we loved her with all our hearts and in our folly, we tore her apart.
She bore the weight of a million years never failing to bring our fears;
and yet we claimed her and her mighty face, we said ‘twas for the better, and for our race.
For us she gave birth to Silver and Gold, to Iron and Steel, to Wood and Stone.
We ripped them from Her loving womb, and left it barren as a tomb.

With the metal, we created pain, and waged warfare in the name of gain.
The wood we burned to power machines; taking things that were not ours to claim.
We melted both Silver and Gold to gain us power and wealth untold.
We took it all and left her none; and then she died for what we had done.

Therefore, we stood in jagged skies claiming strength from the one who dies;
but this lesson I learned all too well: we took heaven and made it not unlike hell.
Razed the giant, the sleeping Queen, we broke her bones and made her scream.
Now she is dying can you not hear? This wondrous beauty who stood a million years.

The time will come when we will pay, our sins will visit us in a single day.
We will suffer this I fear, payment for our sins is drawing near…
She will take us and let us die! Perishing, all, in a raining fire from on high.
With a thundering sound, an echoing boom, a crack of lightning spelling doom.

All contributed content © Jonathon Rose. Copyright non-transferable.

ShadowRunner (thats Me by the way).

Look into the Shadows What do you see??
There's a man there, Well Quite a few but the one we are talking about is no Ordinary man.
He sees Life where others would see but death.
With him the world is seen with different eyes, He sees the Truth where most see lies.
For him its easy to Look past the Point where we all stand.
Looking ahead looking back is really not that hard If you can see one, Both become clear.
The past hides No Mysteries Because its been seen by all.
Why should the Future be different?
Is it because we Believe We are so far removed from where we started?
Have we really learned so much That we Can afford to move on?
The Man In The shadow says no.
But that's Just him for you. And tomorrow he will have most likely Changed his mind